The grandmother

The grandmother Sonechka turns at a mirror, the bow will correct, a frill on a dress.

The scattered toys around roll.

The grandmother selects toys and habitually grumbles Well what you will be the hostess if after yourself you can not clean The sleepyhead, it is very efficient The prince, a babulechka, it falls in love with the Cinderella not for economy, and for elegance.

It as the grandmother was taken aback.

, the grandmother, you are cleaned every day, and princes are not present, one grandfather sits.

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Feeling of habitualness, znakomostplaces

Feeling of habitualness, znakomostplaces telno to go on bathin etc.

Yes, the person should not be afraid of these places,it is correctly to be able and ~ to behave there, doing for the sake of what came.

But in it there is also a back.

Feeling of habitualness, znakomostplaces are dulled by vigilance, reduces attention and care.

In osno ~ such carelessness there is an insufficient respect for a place, decreaseits symbolical value which, in turn, brings to below ~niya of level of mental regulation of the child and to a lack of selfchecking.

Onthe physical plan it is shown that in well mastered place ~the nok manages to be wounded, ~ to fail, .

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Touch glass

Touch glass Put a board on a case.

Put a board under a case.

Series BCompare a chintz to wool and with silk.

Take a small triangle from iron.

Take a small triangle from a tree.

Find a tray from glass.

Find a tray from a tree.

Bring a brush for clothes.

Bring a brush for footwear.

Look at Maurice's beautiful drawing.

Look at Susan's beautiful drawing.

Touch glass from a lamp.

Touch glass from hours.

Series GBypass a class circle.

Pass along a class.

Put a small end from above pages.

Put a small end in the bottom of page.

Carry out the thick line across page.

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At natural

At naturalAS the KID FOR the th WEEK VITAMINS AND MICROCELLS MATURED If the child donoshenny, is not present need to give to it vitamins irrespective of, on what type of feeding it is, on natural or artificial.

There is only one exception.

At natural feeding the child has a deficiency of vitamin D.

Consult to the pediatrist about a vitamin dose for your kid.

In some situations the doctor can appoint vitamins and microcells.

For example, to premature children recommend to give the preparations containing iron.

It is connected with that the fruit by the time of the birth does not manage to save up enough of this microcell.

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From outside

From outside Each kid LETTER TO YOUNG PARENTS on own way.

It does each person unique.

What is the most important for progressive, forward development of the child We consider that this use of skills which the child well owns.

for acquisition of even more difficult skills.

Being on a development way the kid can concentrate for some time all the efforts for mastering by any new action.

From outside it seems that the child ceased to develop.

Do not press at all the kid.

Will pass day, another, the third, and you will see that your pioneer achieved the and is ready to follow further.

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